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Dual Power Whole House Fan – FAQ

What is it?

It’s a Whole House Fan that takes air from inside your house and blows it to your attic space, to help cool it down.

How much will it cool down the home?

The goal is to make it the same temperature inside the house as it is outside the house. It’s not air conditioning, so it won’t be cooler than the outside temperature.

How is it installed?

There are a couple ways to install this system: You can have one intake and two exhausts like it shows here on our display.

Or, you can have one intake and one exhaust – similar to the display only without any flexible tubing. That’s actually going to be the most efficient installation because the tubing slows down the airflow.

We can cool 2 rooms with one fan.  We use two intakes ducts and a “Y” connection attached to the fan up in the attic. The rooms have to be close together and it’s best to keep the ductwork as short as possible for the best airflow.

Why is it a dual power system?

The solar panel that will run the system all day long.

The fan can also run on house electricity. We can have an electrician put in an outlet in your attic that is connected to a switch on your wall. Timer is optional.

The switch has three positions: Solar, off or running on house electricity. You can turn it off if you’re running your air conditioning.

Why is your system better than other whole house fans?

Our fan runs for free all day on solar power. Their system works only when you turn it on. Our fan has a lifetime warranty.

Probably the most important difference between the two products is that after the tax credits, our system will cost a lot less. Our net cost is lower.

Cubic feet per day is more important than cubic feet per minute. Our fan will move up to 1600 cubic feet of air per minute. There may be some bigger systems out there but none of them work all day long like this system does. So, if you think about it, it could move up to 96,000 cubic feet of air per hour and up to nearly a million cubic feet of air per day.

Why is this eligible for tax credits?

Products that runs on solar power, for example solar hot water, photovoltaic panels for electricity, or anything else with a solar panel driving it – are eligible for up to 30% in federal tax credits and up to 35% in tax credits from the state of Hawaii. Be sure to check with your tax preparer to see how this applies to you.    DOWNLOAD THE PDF


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